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What is the odds in betting, how to calculate

Let's study: how to calculate the odds of betting on sports? How to calculate betting odds online. Sports betting odds calculator

Many bettors do not even think about how to calculate the odds of betting on sports and how the work of the bookmaker's office. Of course, the basics are known to almost everyone who has made predictions, but it is important to dig deeper. Also, an important question, in this case, is how to calculate the winnings at odds.

It is no secret that bookmaker offices are working only for the purpose of profit. They derive their profits from ordinary players. Profits office depends not on the number of losing bettors bets, but on the correct choice of odds. With any outcome of an event, bookmaker's offices remain in profit. They employ a large number of analysts who know how to calculate the odds of betting on sports. To do this, the team of analysts uses, among other things, special formulas.

The process of calculating odds

In order to put "good odds" on a particular match, analysts need to predict them. They can be thought of as a capper, only they have an income - a salary. First, the odds of a team winning are determined. To calculate the odds on the bets that turned out to be more accurate, you need to use various tools, which are divided into heuristic and analytical. The first method includes expert evaluations, and the second - statistics and probability theory. Therefore, if you do not know how to correctly calculate betting odds, by combining these two methods you can find the most likely outcome of the match.

If you take into account that the betting odds on the favorite will be at a loss, the profits of the other predictions will be profitable. For example, at a distance of 100 bets, the bookie is in the plus. It is unlikely that P1 will happen 100 out of 100 times, then the office will have a big loss. Such figures are unacceptable for business, so even the theoretical possibility of losses is excluded. The odds for the matches are set so that the profit of the betting company will be at any outcome. It may be small, but guaranteed.

To ensure that the bookmaker does not come out in the red with any outcome, the line odds are constantly changing.


The success of the cooper depends only on himself. It is also necessary to take into account the player's psychology, his intelligence, and the results of events that do not depend on bookmakers. You can use a special sports betting odds calculator. It is possible to beat a bookmaker's office, it all depends on you.

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